As victims of Hurricane Irma grapple with the aftermath of the storm, the IRS is providing some tax relief.

For now, people living in the U.S. Virgin Islands, plus the islands of St. Thomas and St. John, are eligible for the the assistance, which will provide tax filing and payment relief.

The relief is slated for taxpayers in what have been declared Presidential Disaster areas, according to an IRS news release

“We are monitoring the situation closely to resolve potential tax administration issues as they are identified,” the IRS stated on its website.

The IRS is giving residents and businesses in the affected areas extra time to file their taxes from 2016 if they’d already received extensions from the April deadline.

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Hurricane Irma’s devastation reached the continental United States over the weekend, causing massive flooding and property damage throughout Florida. On Tuesday, the hurricane’s death toll in the United States rose to 11

The IRS also was expected to announce additional relief early this week for Florida victims, Accounting Today reports.


PHOTO CREDIT: A satellite photo captures Hurricane Irma on Sept. 7 (Flickr–Antti Lipponen–CC)

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