Estimated tax payments due Jan. 18

Taxpayers who are worried they didn't pay enough in income taxes during 2021 have some good news. They can avoid a big surprise tax bill and potential penalties and fees by making a quarterly estimated tax payment, according the Internal Revenue Service. Taxpayers have until Jan. 18 to make payments for 2021's fourth quarter. Self-employed … Continue reading Estimated tax payments due Jan. 18

Why you might not have to pay estimated quarterly taxes this year

Not everyone needs to make these payments. And that may be confusing for business owners or independent contractors worried about penalties or fines. Here's a breakdown from Peekz ConsultiN accountant owner Amy Peek.

Tax deadline procrastinators face ‘stiff’ penalties

The 2017 tax filing deadline is upon us. That means life will calm down a bit for accountants, but things could heat up for taxpayers who miss the April 18 deadline. Anyone who owes taxes and doesn't file by midnight April 18 risks federal penalties for failing to file and pay on time, plus possible … Continue reading Tax deadline procrastinators face ‘stiff’ penalties