You know you probably should be investing money at this point in your life to help get the most leverage out of your savings, but you don’t know the difference between a stock or a bond … or how mutual funds fit into the mix. And don’t you need some money saved up to actually start investing anyway? Joining Save to Invest can help.


This group aims to give people the tools they need to save money, build an emergency fund and learn about investing. The ultimate goal of the group is to move members into a position in which they are financially secure enough to start investing. Members will receive one-on-one coaching and guidance in a group setting to help them navigate their finances and the investment world. We’ll also provide digital education and support opportunities to help make this community experience a way of life.


This community is for those that want to start investing, but may not know where to start or have enough savings to allow them to invest. 

This group is aimed at individuals or families who want to say they are saving each month toward their future goals — people who are looking to slowly change their budget goals to add savings.


We want people who are really serious about saving and investing money. As a sign of commitment, members must pay monthly dues of $20.

Here are some of the membership benefits:

  • Monthly educational classes on the stock market, real estate, stocks, bonds and other aspects of investing.
  • A financial goal coaching session and game plan with Amy Peek, Peekz ConsultiN owner
  • A 30-minute follow-up coaching session per quarter.
  • Monthly coaching phone call with Peek.
  • Access to a closed, private Facebook group, where members can support each other by sharing tips, success stories and struggles.
  • Access to books, news articles, tips and blogs to help you learn more about investing.
  • Incentives, like gift cards for groceries or movie tickets, based on savings.
  • Invitations to educational potlucks, coffeehouse round tables, and social hours for members.

If you’d like more information or would like to join Save to Invest, please fill out the enrollment form below.




Photo Credit: Pixabay–CC