The 2023 tax season is upon us.

That means lots of scrambling for W-2 forms, receipts and other paperwork — sometimes hours before the deadline.

Your annual tax appointment with Peekz ConsultiN will run more smoothly if you gather as much information as you can ahead of time.

We have created worksheets that will help streamline your appointment, allowing as much time as possible for you to ask questions and discuss options.

We ask clients to print, fill out and submit these documents to owner Amy Peek at least 48 hours before your appointment. Not doing so means we may not have enough time to review your tax information in a timely manner, resulting in a possible postponed or rescheduled appointment or the need for a second tax appointment.

Here’s what we need to help you have an efficient tax appointment:

  • Download the 2022 client information sheet: Even if you are an existing client, this form is important to help gather information about your identity and other life changes, like whether you’ve moved or changed jobs in the past year.
  • Download the budget worksheet: Here’s where you write down your living expenses, debts and income to help us learn more about your cash flow.
  • Download the 2022 tax preparation worksheet: Fill in information from your W-2s here, as well as details tied to any moving expenses, Health Savings Accounts or other income adjustments. The sheet also covers any deductions or credits you’ll be claiming.
  • Download the 2022 tax document checklist to make sure you have all the necessary supporting documents for your tax returns, including W-2s, 1099s, etc.

Please electronically share, mail or drop off your worksheets and any supporting documentation with or to Peekz before your appointment.

Here’s how to share those documents with Peekz.

If you have any questions about the worksheets prior to the appointment, please reach out to us.

Still need to book your annual tax appointment or other meeting with Peekz ConsultiN? You can schedule your meeting directly online.

Peekz ConsultiN LLC is a Pittsburgh-based accounting firm, located in the West Side, that caters to individuals, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We aim to empower clients to help them take control of their finances and achieve their dreams.

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